Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

We got together with a few (yes, only a few) of the other neighborhood kids to do an Easter Egg Hunt a few days before Easter. 

All the kids waiting for the Daddy's to hide the eggs.

And she's off!

Britain stayed right by this electrical box the whole time.  Luckily, there were about 5 eggs close by!

Eden was pretty good at finding eggs.

"Look Britain, there's candy!"

And then there was an impromptu dance by Brayden, Maddie, and Roman.



A few Saturday's ago a bunch of our neighbors were planting flowers and things while we were outside playing.  After several hours of Eden asking to plant a garden we went to Lowe's and picked out a few flowers to come home and plant.

It took a long while for her to get enough dirt from the bag to the pot. 
 I planted the flowers, because she didn't want to do that part, but then the girls watered them.

Christmas 2011

Christmas was lots of fun around here.  We were excited to get the girls a kitchen because they loved all their friend's kitchens, and they were absolutely thrilled to get one!  We had the kitchen set up when they came down, and they didn't really care about any of the other presents until much later on in the day.

Eden liked her new xylophone (which she calls an iPhone).

Britain got a new mammoth from Grandpa Flanagan.  More tusks to chew on!


Lights at Temple Square

We went up to temple square while Grandma Leslie was here to see the lights.  We found Uncle Kenneth while we were walking from the car, so he came too.  Eden loved seeing the lights, Britain was just cold.  It was the first time I had been there with the lights, so I thought it was really fun.

Eden decided Uncle Kenneth was her best friend for the night.

Random December

Here's some random pictures of our December.

Fancy new Christmas dresses from Grandma Flanagan.

Britain sporting her Union Jack shirt.


The advent calendar I made with my Silhouette Cameo.

 Eden loves to "mail" stop.



A Tea Party

I had in my mind that Britain's party theme would be a tea party. I mean, it goes along with the British theme and all, but really first birthday's around here are just a small family gathering, and with a small budget I really just didn't take the time to make it grand. So, in my head it was a tea party, in reality we had presents, cake, and some balloons.

I did put my best effort into a Union Jack cake, although it didn't turn out as good as I had pictured it in my head.

And then I hung balloons really quickly since Aunt Rachel got rear-ended on her way up and had to resign from balloon-hanging duty.

And while I was rushing around cleaning up before heading to get pizza and Russell for the party, Britain noticed I had put the presents on the couch and decided to get started early!

After we ate pizza, we went straight to opening presents.

Cousin Lucy was in charge of the background music.

Cousin Jack was a great present opening helper while sporting his new mohawk in support of our former Spanish Fork neighbor Mike.

And Britain couldn't figure out why we needed pictures. Open that toy Daddy!

Then it was time for cake!

She started off so daintily, just getting a little frosting on her finger and then licking it off.

Then she figured out how good it was, and there was more action.

The damage:

And then Britain helped Daddy get her clean in the sink.


Robot Party

If you haven't heard, Eden LOVES robots. So, we had a robot party with some of her friends from the neighborhood to celebrate her birthday! There were about 8 kids and lots of parents there, which Eden had a hard time with. In my excitement to make sure the robot party was fun, I totally spaced the fact that Eden HATES crowds of people. Haha. I think she had a good time in the end, but there were definitely some fearful moments.

I spent a lot of hours (WAY TO MANY) making a robot birthday banner and robot cupcake toppers. At least they turned out cute?

We started out the party by coloring robots and giving them googly eyes. Little Henry will show you his, but he wanted to keep his privacy so he won't show you his face!

After coloring we moved onto playing pin the parts on the robot, which I also cut out with my silhouette. We ended up with an interesting robot indeed!

Then we moved on to presents. Have you been to a toddler birthday party lately? If not, here's an example of what happens when it is present opening time. All the children become present vultures and crowd around to help open and see what the present is!

The best wrapping award goes to Brayden's mom Kyrina for her robot artwork! We still have this robot on the fridge!

In between presents, the kids played with toys and wandered around. Jett enjoyed playing with Eden's robot.

Lucy was super excited about the Playdough!

And Jack showed off his transformers shirt, which he wore to fit with the party theme!

Then we moved back into the kitchen for cupcakes under the hanging balloons.

That silly face? I think she's trying to figure out why everyone is singing to her. And see Henry right there by her? He took the job of blowing out the candle upon himself as soon as the song was over. Thanks for your help Henry!

Then everyone dug in to their cupcakes.

And the parents had regular cake.

Then let everyone pick a balloon to take home with them and the party was over. And just in case you haven't seen Eden's homemade robot up close, here you go!